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Ksquared Kreative

Ksquared Kreative

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Teaching is something we are passionate about. We love to deliver fun fondant modelling and cupcake decorating workshops in a safe and supportive environment. We are driven to inspire students of all ages, through the art of decorating, to ignite their creativity.

We are not just talking about throwing some sprinkles and blowing edible glitter onto frosting! Oh No! This is next-level kind of stuff! Explore the culinary arts learning the basics as well as progressing to more advanced techniques to master the skill of cupcake decorating on a whole new level. Seeing creativity evolve and what can be achieved, is expressed on smiling faces.

School Holidays/Library school holiday programmes / Holiday classes / Vacation Care Centres / Holiday Camps

Kids Parties / Aged Care/ Senior Citizens / City Councils / Special needs

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