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Party Favours Australia

Party Favours Australia

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Complete | Packaged | Convenient

We aim to offer unique, complete party bags and favours that kids and parents will love. We endeavor to only stock high quality products while making party planning simple and convenient for our customers.

As a 100% family run business we know all too well the pressures of juggling work life, family life and a social life. Whilst organising our own children’s birthday parties we were overwhelmed by the amount of things that needed to be ticked off the list.

Invitations, cake, food and drink, entertainment, party games, decorations….the list goes on! I tried many times “popping into” K Mart with kids in tow, in the hope of picking up a few “cool” things, whacking them in a party bag and hoping that the kids (and parents) loved them.

What I found happened was I bought too many bits and pieces (mainly because the kids were whinging and I forgot what I went for, therefore paid way too much and most of things broke before the kids even left the party!

Also a few my kids friends have food allergies so I was scared to give out lolly bags. Plus most parents these days don’t want their kids coming home from a party (where they have already been sugared up with birthday cake and sweets) with a bag FULL of more sugar!

So I started making my own party bags and was always on the look out for new and different ideas. And most importantly, favours that the kids would actually LIKE! There wasn’t much out there in the shops so I decided to create PARTY FAVOURS AUSTRALIA!

Party Favours Australia provides a convenient, complete, package service.

We have taken out the hard work for you!

It’s simple: just select your gifts (from our super awesome range), let us know how many you would like and we will individually package them up for you to hand out and your next party.

Now you can get back to ticking all those other things off your party to-do list!

Happy planning!
Andrea 🙂

P.S. We are always updating our store with new favours so make sure you keep in touch to stay up to date!!

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