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Welcome To Party Barn

Party Barn is the ultimate destination for parents planning a party for children. Our online directory collates all of Perth’s best kids’ party venues and entertainment providers in one spot, allowing parents to browse, compare and book with ease. We aim to save parents time, effort, and confusion.


If you are a kids’ party venue or entertainment provider, you can list your business on Party Barn for a competitive monthly subscription cost. This will expose your business to potential clients and new opportunities.

So, where exactly does your money go? At Party Barn, we want to see our suppliers soar, meaning the vast majority of your monthly subscription payments are funnelled directly into advertising, so that your business can reach as many potential clients as possible. We are constantly calibrating our marketing to provide as many potential customers for your business as possible.

We also understand that many small kids’ party venues and entertainment providers rely on word of mouth as their main form of marketing. However, with a listing on Party Barn, you will be giving your business an online presence, allowing potential clients to view your bio, contact details, and any packages you offer, all in one place.

At Party Barn, we want your business to work with us, not for us.

Pricing Plans

We have the following subscriptions available for our site. To join, simply click on the Sign Up button and then complete the registration details.