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Top 10 Children’s Party Games

With Party Season creeping upon us, here at Party Barn we have done the research to find out the most popular games that children go crazy for at a party!

Keeping a bunch of excited children under control can be a difficult task in itself, so in addition to the long list of entertainers, activities and fun filled equipment our suppliers can provide,  keep them occupied and contained (to some extent) with these simple games, that will add so much fun for most ages!

1 : An old favourite that been around for years! Pass the Parcel. This works well to some well known childrens music in the background to control the environment. Wrap up various little treats or gifts, layer after layer, providing enough opportunity for all children to enjoy opening a layer each time, to find a special little prize inside. This doesn’t have to be a costly gift -just something small to give them a moment of buzz & excitement. Any age child would love this game – a true classic!

2 : Duck Duck Goose. How much fun was this game as a kid? With all children sitting quietly in a circle, choosing 1 child at the time to take the turn of choosing the goose! Great for children aged 3- 10.

3 : Pin the tail on the Donkey. This could also be interpreted to “pin the nose on Shrek”, “Pin the tail on Peppa Pig” …. the list is endless and can be suited to any theme you like.

4 : Treasure Hunt. Where there’s treasure, there’s happy children. Create a magical hunt to keep them occupied for hours! Make it as detailed as you like – depending on age! A great game for 4-12 year old’s! Create a theme aligned with the theme of the party and let your guests run wild!

5 : Musical Statues. Children love to dance, wiggle, jump and get their silly’s out – so let them do it in a controlled, yet fun atmosphere where of course, there’s a treat for the finalist! Appropriate for any age from 3 upwards. Who doesn’t love to dance?

6 : The Doughnut Challenge : Tie doughnuts on a string and hang them from a reachable height – ie : a tree, pagola beam etc. Tie the players hands behind their backs and let them ‘try’ to eat the treat only using their mouths, no hands! Appropriate for any age 4 and upwards. Even adults love this one!

7. Pinata : A Pinata full of treats! Always a favorite amongst most ages! Don’t forget “safety first” when using a beating stick and a blindfold!

8. Egg & Spoon race. Such a great game to challenge the balancing act! Keep it clean by boiling the eggs first for the younger ones. A great way to burn some energy too!

9. Limbo. Using a long stick or beam to see ‘how low can you go’ – dancing your way through the limbo!

10. Water Balloon Pinata! A great idea for the summer parties! A wet and wild time can be had, seeing who can pop the water balloon. Pushing lollypops or concealed wrapped lollies / chocolates into the balloon first can make for an even more exciting surprise!

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